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Choosing the right dual control kit for your driving instructor vehicle

by: John Wells on

Having dual control kits fitted is common practice for most ADIs, yet with many kits in the UK vehicle-specific, the purchase and fitting can quickly become a major expense. Vehicle-specific kits tend to be one-vehicle-use – making them unsustainable, expensive and damaging to the environment. Instructors will need to purchase and fit a new kit every time they change cars, disposing of...

FAST Dual Controls - Economical and Reuseable.

by: John Wells on

The purchase and fitting of car dual controls to driver training vehicles can be a major expense for driving instructors. The UK is exceptional in that the majority of dual controls fitted are of a vehicle-specific design and therefore have to be considered ‘disposable’ on sale of the vehicle. This is wasteful of the ADIs hard-earned cash (the charge for supply and fit of some vehic...

FAST Dual Controls Product Update

by: John Wells on

We have added a new ‘static pedal’ option to our range of ®FAST dual control systems. As the name suggests this means the dual control pedals can be set not to move when the driver operates the vehicle controls. Although it is never possible for the instructor to get his or feet trapped by a falling pedal on FAST dual controls, we are often asked whether this option is available – part...