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Colourfile Professional Plus - DIA Review

by: John Wells on

I was delighted to have been asked, on behalf of the Driving Instructors Association (DIA), to review and provide the foreword to this excellent training aid. Having been involved with driver and instructor training for many years I have always found the Colourfile range of products to be a valuable resource, not only while teaching learners but also when training potential driving instructors. 

This is a comprehensive training aid that includes new subjects such as independent driving, dealing with bus and high occupancy vehicle lanes, rural roads, emergency vehicles, journey management and motorways. This information will be of great value to anyone preparing for their part three test of instructional ability or check test. The information is concise and the graphics are exceptionally clear. With key learning points for each subject methodically presented, instructors of all abilities can prepare their lessons with confidence. There is also a range of thought provoking questions to prompt the instructor to covering relevant aspects of each lesson.

Theory First constantly explores new ways to enhance their products and provide instructors with resources that are both educational and value for money. Colourfile Professional Plus has some unique additional features that will make planning lessons far more productive and enjoyable. These include suggestions of how to use each of the diagrams and clear links to eco-efficient driving and Pass Plus modules. It has been said that if you get the little things right the big things will follow; this is true when talking about the difference between satisfactory or unsatisfactory grades or passing a check test with a grade five or a six. So take your time in finding your way around this product and use as much or as little as you need to help you prepare.

Your students will appreciate the realistic images on the page and be able to link them to what is happening on the road. Whether you are teaching a controls lesson or taking someone out onto a motorway for the first time you will find something of value in this visual aid. The graphics are refreshingly free from clutter too, allowing instructors to develop each lesson in their own style. Space has also been provided for you, in the form of a white board, to help you develop scenarios with your student when necessary.

As the largest association of approved driving instructors the DIA is in a privileged position of being asked to review a vast range of training materials. Without doubt this is the most comprehensive of them all. So once again I congratulate you for choosing Colourfile Professional Plus. You have made a great addition to your instructor’s toolbox. I hope you enjoy using this product as much as I have reviewing it. I wish you every success with your teaching career.
Steve Garrod Dip. D.I.
Driving Instructors Association
January 2010

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