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Choosing the right dual control kit for your driving instructor vehicle

by: John Wells on

Having dual control kits fitted is common practice for most ADIs, yet with many kits in the UK vehicle-specific, the purchase and fitting can quickly become a major expense.

Vehicle-specific kits tend to be one-vehicle-use – making them unsustainable, expensive and damaging to the environment. Instructors will need to purchase and fit a new kit every time they change cars, disposing of the old one. With this in mind, it isn’t a surprise that ®FAST dual controls are growing in popularity. What do you need to know in order to choose the right kit for you?


Current laws and guidelines

While dual controls are not a mandatory requirement for ADIs, they are considered to be standard with many instructors choosing to have them fitted – whether for the peace of mind for themselves, or for unconfident learner drivers.

Laws introduced in 2018 that allow learner drivers on motorways do require vehicles to be fitted with dual controls, so if you are planning on advancing your lessons – dual controls are a must-have.

Fitting your dual control kit

With all dual control kits, we recommend installation is completed by experienced or mobility accredited fitters. However, control systems can be fitted by any competent mechanic.

FAST dual controls are fairly straightforward and should be simple to fit for anyone mechanically minded – it’s the reason we chose this system!

Universal vs. specific kits

These days, we would almost always recommend universal kits. Specific kits are not just costly to both purchase and fit, but also an environmentally unfriendly and unsustainable solution.

The FAST dual control system is designed to fit any vehicle with a brake, clutch and accelerator pedal. The flexible control system can be easily adapted to fit in a range of vehicle sizes by making small changes or using different length cables.

About FAST dual controls

For over 30 years, these Dutch-made dual controls have been manufactured to the highest quality and sold worldwide. Available for both left- and right-hand drive vehicles, FAST dual controls can be used again and again, offering significant savings over disposable vehicle-specific controls.

See our selection of dual controls for instructor vehicles here, or contact us today to find out if a FAST dual control kit is the right choice for your vehicle.

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