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Roof Signs From G6S

A vehicle roof sign is a bit like a shop window - the cleaner and less cluttered it looks, the better the impact. We are happy to accommodate your choice of wording and line spacing but do remember that the most important messages to get across with signage are your business name, web presence and ‘phone number. Note that magnetic roof signs are designed to be attached to a uniform ferrous metal surface.

A panoramic glass roof or metal roof with large creases/ridges (e.g. Toyota Aygo) is not capable of supporting a full size roof sign. The current trend in vehicle manufacture is to design cars with a 'D-section' roof. These have shallower ridges or a central channel (e.g. Peugeot 208, Ford Fiesta 2017 on and Nissan Micra 2017 on) and our signs can be used on these vehicles providing the optional rubber roof protector is installed.

You need to tell us if your vehicle has a D-section roof as we may need to supply your sign with a modified base. Please ask if unsure of your vehicle's suitability. See our blog article on signage for further advice and more details of our range.